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L007 Savitaipale, Lake Saimaa, 2-4 pers.

Alkaen 345,00 € / 7 vrk
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Saimaatours 05 411 7722 ( +35854117722 ) Y-tunnus: 0161784-6 Kauppiaan ehdot

Small cottage located in Savitaipale, 42 km from Lappeenranta. Only 6 m to the shore of lake Saimaa, shallow sandy/clay shore.

Old timber cabin with electricity, built in 1965. Electric stove, microwave, refrigerator and drain. Wood-burning range with oven, electric heating and electric light.

No running water, well 5 m ( together with cottage L008 ). Privy. Waterpump from the lake to the sauna. Outdoor grill.

Access by road, nearest neighbour 40 m ( cottage L008 ), bus stop 23 km, shop and restaurant 22 km.

Close to cabins L008 and L009.