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L076 Puumala, Lake Saimaa, 4-5 pers.

€420.00 / 7 d


Saimaatours saimaatours@saimaatours.fi 05 411 7722 ( +35854117722 ) Company id: 0161784-6 Merchant terms

In Puumala at the Lake Saimaa. To the shore 10 m, stony/rocky shore, no pier.

Traditonal log cabin, built -79. Living room, kitchenette and 2 bedrooms. Sauna in the same building with wood burning oven.

Electric stove, refrigerator, micro, electric light. Well 20 m,  drinking water must be brougt. 

Fireplace. Coal grill. Privy. Access by road.

Nearest neighbour 50 m, shop and restaurant 16 km, in Puumala centre.