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L332 Savitaipale, Lake Vartusjärvi, 6-9 pers.

From €440.00 / 7 d
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Saimaatours saimaatours@saimaatours.fi 05 411 7722 ( +35854117722 ) Company id: 0161784-6 Merchant terms

In Savitaipale, 50 km from Lappeenranta, Lake Vartusjärvi 20 m, shallow muddy/sandy shore, log cabin, built -76/-02. Gas stove, wood-burning stove, electric light by a solar power system, spring 200 m, drain, refrigerator. Privy. Access by road, nearest neighbour 200 m, bus stop 5 m, shop 18 km, restaurant 18 km. A double bunk bed in the bedroom, 3 extra beds in annex. Outdoor grill/kitchen