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L011 Savitaipale, Kuoppalampi, 2-6 pers.

From €382.00 / 7 d
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Saimaatours saimaatours@saimaatours.fi 05 411 7722 ( +35854117722 ) Company id: 0161784-6 Merchant terms

In Savitaipale, 65 km from Lappeenranta, at a small lake Kuoppalampi (30 m), shallow sandy/muddy shore.

Timber cabin, built -79/-03. One bedroom, extra beds for four persons. 

Refrigerator/freezer, electric stove, microwave oven, wood-burning stove/fireplace, electric heating, oil heater, electric light, running water (C), drain.

Privy. Access by road, garage. Nearest neighbour 200 m, shop 10 km, restaurant 30 km. 

In winter no running water. TV, radio, CD-player. Outdoor grill.

  • Mökin pohjapiirros