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M709 Puumala, Lake Saimaa, 2-4 pers.

M709 Puumala, Lake Saimaa, 2-4 pers.
€510.00 / 7 d


Saimaatours saimaatours@saimaatours.fi 05 411 7722 ( +35854117722 ) Company id: 0161784-6 Merchant terms

Located on an island in Anttola, Lake Saimaa 10 m, sandy shore bottom.

Situated on an island, by boat 900 m.  Outboard motorboat is included in the rent.

Timber cabin, built 1970. Equipped: gas stove, heating stove, drain, refrigerator, cellar, solar power system, well 200 m. Privy.

TV, radio. Pump from the lake in the sauna. Outdoor grill. Nearest neighbour 80 m, shop and restaurant 9 km.  

On a hillside. No pets.